Quilts For Care Leavers (Q4CL)


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Our second meeting of the year, held on the 21st of September, featured Marian Keall and Valerie Imm from Q4CL which is a charitable organisation set up to support young people leaving care after being fostered, or in a local authority care system, and now becoming independent.  Jean Goddard posted in the Congleton Chronical (30/09/2021) about this talk and I couldn't have said it better so here is what she wrote. 

'Marian Keall explained how the charity had  been instigated in 2013 by Lemm Sissay MBE, Chancellor of Manchester University, who had experienced living in care at an eaarly age. He had said how much he had missed being hugged, and from this, Quilts for Care Leavers was born in 2018 under the auspices of Maggie LLoyd-Jones. 

Clearly it is not possible to hug all the young people leaving care, but it might be possible for people to make quilts that the young people could wrap themselves up in, so giving themselves a hug and a warm feeling that somebody cared.

Ms Keall provided an overview of the Q4CL organisation, the reason for the quilts being a specific size, the "block drive" and how these blocks were made up into complete quilts by the organisation, and how much it had grown since its inception.

Hubs had been established widely in England, in Scotland under another banner, recently in Northern Ireland and it is hoped to have a presence in Wales very soon. 

Christmas lunches are organised nationwide for the young people and there the quilts are offered to them, many not having many personal possessions.  From just two  or three lunches at inception, 19 had  been held in 2020. 

Congleton's closest hub is in the Stockport area, supported by Ms Keall and her team, and members were able to present her with 19 quilts made by them over 12 months for distribution at Christmas.


Congleton's closest hub is in the Stockport area, supported by Ms Keall and her team, and members were able to present her with 19 quilts made by them over 12 months for distribution at Christmas.


Each quilt carried a label with a unique number  and a message "You are Special", "You are Loved",  "You are Smart", "You are Valued" and so on.  The proceeds at the door were also donated to the Charity."

Thank you Jean Goddard for the excellent report in the Congleton Chronicle.

Photographs of the 19 quilts donated will be shown at our 2022 Exhibition on the 23rd to 24th June, courtesy of Christina Webb and  Jules Hill, with thanks.

Grand re-opening of the group!


4:30 pm

We can't wait to meet you all again in the flesh! 


It has been far too long and we are very excited about meeting up.  We are following all the Covid rules, as advised by the Guild and by Wellspring,  and must make sure we wear masks coming into the building / hall and respect each others space so we can all feel safe. Further advice will follow.

We have said a fond farewell the the Scout Headquarters in Rope Walk where we have been meeting for over 20 years (can you believe that!).  It was a sad parting but you never know when we may need their  hall again and we would be welcomed back.

The new venue is lovely.  Wellspring Methodist Church on Canal Road (opposite the War Memorial Hospital). It has a great car park, hearing loop, microphone, lovely kitchen, comfortable chairs and tables and good storage.  We look forward to welcoming you there on the 7th of September.

Until then take care.


Wellspring Methodist Church

Welcome to our new website


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This is our new look website newly launched in April 2021.  

Some of the content from the old website has been archived and not currently available.  Some of this will come over in the future so keep on popping back or contact us if there is something you can't find. 

Please do have a good look around and give us feedback about what you like and what you would like to see.

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Tracy Fox


4:30 pm

Last month we were lucky enough to have an excellent talk by Tracy Fox.  It was lovely to hear about her creative journey and see some of her work captured in photographs and videos.

This piece (right) wasn't finished at the time of her talk but now you can read the latest blog post about it and watch a video. The link is

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Tracey Fox